We know how daunting it can be to find great quality white-label digital products in the credit repair industry. Here at Eleven11 Management, LLC we show full previews of every product in your FREE membership portal and design our customizable templates within Canva Pro. Let us help you take all the guess work out of the equation!

1) I don’t know where to find my download after I’ve purchased, can you help?

YES. But please check your spam box first. Also, remember you are limited to three download attempts. Once those expire, you will need to repurchase your template. Keep in mind, it works BEST to download the “thank you” pdf from your purchase on a computer rather than a mobile device. Once you open your template in Canva, you will then be able to access the template on either your computer or cell. If you are still having trouble with your order, it’s usually because the email address was entered incorrectly at checkout. Please have your order number, date of purchase and purchase amount ready so we can locate your order in our system. It is easy to locate the orders by email, but if it was spelled wrong, we have to dig around a bit. Please be patient.

2) Can I change the title of the book, the content of the book, the copyright page, etc.

YES, YOU CAN. This is the whole point of providing you a customizable template. My hope is that you don’t need to change everything about it so that it continues to save you time (and ultimately money). We strive to provide content that is relevant, well researched and useful in our templates. Laws change, offers change and affiliates change… There is no sense in me creating a whole other template and charging you again, if you can just update as you go or as time passes. Please take the liberty to do so.

3) Can I resell the content/template/PDF I created?

KIND OF, NO, YES. These templates are designed to be fully customizable (are you tired of me saying that yet), but they may not be resold in template form no matter what you change about them. You cannot sell the content (wording) on it’s own. So, what do you sell? You sell the END PRODUCT. Your client should never see Canva! Once you have updated your template with your own branding/logo/business info, you will save it as either a PNG or PDF file. Please watch the training videos in your FREE membership portal to see how to do this!!! That end product is what you will use to either advertise your service or sell to your clients. Giving away or selling the actual templates is never okay under any circumstance. I price my products affordably in the hopes that you will share the group and my store with your other credit colleagues.

4) How do we reach customer service?

You can always reach out in the Facebook group to have your questions answered by making a post or commenting on a relevant post. If you don’t feel comfortable posting in the group you can reach us by email at desiree@eleven11mgmt.com. We are also available via message on our Facebook BUSINESS page. PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR PERSONAL FACEBOOK MESSENGER FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Posting in the group will get you the fastest response either by me, someone on my team, or an established member of the group. If you still feel that you need dedicated one-on-one time, please refer to my contact us page and book an appointment. I am not available 24/7 and adhere to set “office hours”. I may be online/interacting but not be “working”. Customer service is available most readily Monday-Friday 10am-4pm CST. Customer service is NOT available on the weekends. Please be patient.

5) May I offer my services to your Facebook group?

NO YOU MAY NOT. I am VERY particular about who I collaborate with because there are so many scammers amongst us. Also, no one likes an opportunist so do not message me with your offer. If you are offering a valuable service that is mutually beneficial while also benefiting my members, *I* will decide to put you in front of my audience when I see that value and integrity are your mode of operation. If you are here with ulterior motives, you will not be permitted to stay. If you post your own services or poach my members in the attempt to sell your own services, you will be deleted from the group and blocked. Attract, don’t chase.

6) I don’t have the time or creativity to rebrand my own products. Do you offer this service?

YES, BUT ON A LIMITED BASIS. And I only rebrand the books/guides. Flyers, lead magnets, social media kits, etc. are very small jobs that do not require extensive knowledge on how to use Canva. In your free member portal we provide the free training on how to quickly convert these into useable products for your business. Please take the time to review them. For the books/guides, it often requires linking your affiliate web pages, saving to Dropbox, designing covers, creating a thank you page and getting it on a payment platform. We understand how daunting that process is (although we provide step by step videos showing you how to do this too) so we take the guess work out of it by providing rebranding as a service.

7) How can I apply a coupon code or gift card at checkout? I’m not seeing where to enter it at.

Unfortunately we can’t change the size or formatting of our checkout page to make it any bigger or bolder so it can be hard to see. Please reference the picture below to find how to enter your coupon code or gift card at checkout!