Themed Monthly Content - CRO's

Elevate engagement, nurture leads, and attract clients effortlessly with our expertly curated themed content packs. All four products can be put to use independently, but for best results, use all of the products together each month.

✨ Each of Our Themed Monthly Content Packages Include ✨

1 - Social Media Kit
to help with consistency

Our social media kits include static graphics that have been curated and designed to "go together" whether that's in look, content pillar or theme. These kits are meant to help keep you consistent and are easy to schedule ahead. Our kits primarily focus on educational topics to help you build trust and authority with your audience.

1- Lead Magnet
to help build your email list

Our lead magnets are full of financial education mostly around the topic of credit repair. The best way to use a lead magnet is to set it up in an email automation and then offer it to your audience for free in exchange for them signing up for your email list. We recommend changing out your lead magnet at least once a month so that you always appear to be delivering value and can appeal to more people in your audience. Lead magnets don't have to be mini-guides or how-to's. Our presentations work well as a lead magnet as well!

1 - Newsletter
to help you keep in touch

Once you start building an email list, you will want to keep in contact with your leads. Newsletters are great for client education, highlighting events you're a part of or hosting and for announcing promotions or partnerships. Send a newsletter at least once a month to your leads, clients and affiliates to truly maximize this tool. You can even print them and mail them off or drop them by offices.

1 - Flyer
to help you advertise your products & services

We created our flyers to either advertise your products, services or promotions. Just because you're posting a flyer doesn't mean you have to be posting a sale. People need to know who you are, what you do, how you help and how much your product/service costs. The more you remind your audience, the more you will be top of mind when they are seeking out these services or hear of someone else that might need them. Flyers are "shareable" and are very visually appealing.

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