About Us

I’m Desiree Chinn, owner of Eleven11 Management…

I started helping others repair their credit in early 2019 and opened Eleven11 Management professionally as a credit repair company in March 2021.

Our specialty was in DIY Credit Repair. After finding that many of our clients lacked the funds to have their credit professionally repaired I began to write e-books to help them fix their credit on their own terms. These books were written to take all the guess work out of the process and provide a solution that was tangible and effective.

My books became so popular in the credit repair space that other credit repair company owners wanted to provide them to their clients as well. Finding quality e-books that were not only well researched and written, but also fully customizable were hard to come by. And by that I mean, they didn’t exist. What started as an inventory of four e-books for my own company has expanded into an entire store full of quality content for other CRO’s.

Not only do we create quality content, we teach our friends how to implement it so they can attract new leads, drive engagement, and increase sales using the power of social media!

We beleive that ‘ACTION TAKERS MAKE IT’ so we provide marketing education to our Facebook group members and offer one-on-one Marketing & Strategy Sessions as well. You can book your call by clicking HERE.

Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing.

Rebecca Lieb

We offer:
– E-Books/Guides
– Flyers
– Presentations
– Newsletters
– Social Media Kits
– Lead Magnets
-Office Materials
– Webinars
– Marketing
– Subscriptions

Mission Statement: To provide ethical, moral and honest service. Provide high quality digital products that will serve other credit repair companies clients via education, communication and relationship building.

Vision Statement: We aspire to be a company that puts clients before profits. We wish to measure our success by the quality of service we provide, not the quantity of clients we service. We hope to create long-lasting relationships built off trust while finding valuable solutions to credit repair companies problems.